Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Criss Ang-Eye-l

Criss Angel Logo
His logo is strikingly similar to a stylized Pyramid/Eye of Ra, he drapes himself in single Eye and Egyptian references.

Vision in a Square
Criss Angel is a Illusionist and a kind of Rock and Roll Magician to the stars, recently he "Levitated" over the Luxor Hotel's Black Pyramid in Las Vegas. For many more examples of his excessively illuminated imagery go here

Illuminated Left Eye with the Criss Angel/Triangle Logo

Cards with Square in circle
A square sometimes represent a Pyramid from above, this one has a Eye at its centre or Cap, (the logo in the corner is obviously and eye as well)

Close up of his Rings
Top From left: Maltese Cross, Pyramid with Eye of Ra & 5 Pointed Star

Within the letter "X" in Luxor's logo is a Pyramid with column of light reaching the heavens

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