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Christine Eye-guilera, Metropolis, Bicentennial Man & "Sex Slave Robots"

Christine Aguilera - B-Eye-onic

The recent alternative Christine Aguilera album cover inspired in part by the film Metropolis, a silent film about a scientist in the employ of a Industrial Oligarch creating a "Sexy" automaton or robot. The film has inspired many films such as The Bride of Frankenstein and "Weird Science", but more recently Popular music artists have universally embraced this concept of the "Sex Slave" type Robots. Although Beyonce or Lady Gaga are obvious examples, there are many others. This can of course be chalked down to fashions and trends in media, but some people believe it is a cultural push to promote a robotized mentality to young people. An excellent insight on this Metropolis phenomena is can be found on the Vigilant Citizen.

Metropolis - A film by Fritz Lang the "Master of Darkness"

The film is critical interpretation of the industrial age, but looked at from another angle it is almost a celebration of the "Hive mind" concept and the workers are drone like Robots. German National Socialist leader Hitler and his Propaganda Minister Goebbels one of the fathers of modern Propaganda, were huge fans of the films overtly Socialist and Totalitarian message. They approached the Film Maker (then living in Germany) Fritz Lang to make Propaganda films for the German Government, he declined and went on to work in the blossoming Hollywood instead.

Propaganda Minister Goebbels, was a leading proponent of aggressive State sponsored Propaganda. He sinisterly has a "Profile" here, and the GOEBBELS' PRINCIPLES OF PROPAGANDA feature on the US Military Propaganda Unit's site. There Motto is:
"Capture their minds
and their hearts and souls
will follow"

The Bride Of Frankenstein
"As far back as 1933 Universal were looking to develop a sequel to Frankenstein. Several scripts were produced over the next two years which ranged from a scifi-style tale of Frankenstein developing a death ray, to a bizarre saga with Henry and Elizabeth running away to join the circus and posing as puppeteers. However none of these found favor with the studio heads or James Whale, who they were keen to get back for directing duties." - from here

Weird Science
This film is a 1980's re-hash of of the female Automaton concept, and the two films discussed above. Although it is a comedy, the idea of a couple of teenagers creating basically an adult female Sex Slave to cook, clean and pander to their every desire is rather disturbing if you really think about it.

Nicole - "Digital Girlfriend"????
"Ultimate Female Robots : Sexy & Lifelike Robots
Sexy female robots images, videos and lifelike robot technology news" a disturbing website dedicated to "Sexy Robots" can be found herehere

Christine Aguilera - One eyed Bionic Aryan?

Overtly Occult imagery in Metropolis

Beyonce Metropolis inspired costume

Geometric Robotic "raising" of The Kylie Robot?

Robots with Kylie on her Tour

Thierry Meugler famous fashion designer Metropolis inspired Metropolis like "Womaninity" perfume bottle by Thierry Mugler, Designer and an inspiration for many of the modern Music video and stage costumes designers

A selection of many of the "Robotic Divas" themed Stage costumes

Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man a book by Science Fiction writer Isaac Asimov, about a Robot that gains Human Consciousness.

Cross Merging Man with Machine.
One Eye symbolism

Robin Williams and his Robotic Character giving the "OK" symbol. More examples can be found here. The film is also a thinly veiled discourse on the African Slave trade and American Civil Rights history.

In Bicentennial Man, the Scientist character (not unlike Metropolis) modifies a robot (of the same model as Robin Williams character) into a stupid "Sexy Robot", an underlying theme of the purpose of this "Female" gendered Robot (seen on the right) is to do chores for the Scientist, and quite possibly a sexual partner. The "Female" gendered Robot is of a stereotype of an over-sexualized bimbo so-called "Valley Girl" archetype.

Royksopp - The Girl And The Robot Featuring Robyn

Royksopp - The Girl And The Robot

Royksopp - Interesting One Eye covered imagery for their press shot

Eyes and Pyramid

Christine Aguilera - Fighter

Christine Aguilera - Fighter
Another Eye symbolized cover?

Christina Aguilera - Fighter (Full HQ) by mixshow
Christina Aguilera- Fighter
Full of dark Moth/Butterfly, Apple (Garden of Eden), Pupettering, Voodoo Doll, Geisha, Icarus, Caged and One Eye/Eye covered by hair imagery. All of the imagery in this video features strongly in many of the "alledged" so-called Illuminati Sex Slaves, and "controlled" Pop stars videos and album artwork. Whether that is fact is definately disputed. Artistic expression, or propagated visual triggers and influences is your decision.

Christina breaks out of her Dark Moth persona and becomes an illuminated White Butterfly...

and literally becomes a Illuminated Capstone!

The video is literally packed with One Eyed symbolism

At the end of the video, her Dark "Red & Black" clad "Dark alter-ego" kicks the T.V. screen and she places her left Eye in the centre of it!

Bjork - Robots & Geisha Girls

Bjork in the amazing Robot video

Björk-All is Full of Love

Robotic Love

Bjork - Geisha Girl

Niki Minaj

Niki Minaj - "Living Doll"
Over Sexualized automaton, or Mind Controlled Sex Slave/Doll alter ego.

Its Barbie Bitch - Niki Minaj has had a high profile "Beef" with Over Sexualized female rapper Lil Kim, who also called herself "Black Barbie".

Niki Minaj's - "Kens", Male alernative fans to her fanatical "Barbies".

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