Tuesday, 29 June 2010

MTV-Eye 2

MTV video with Obama in front of Pyramid the "A" in OBAMA acts as the capstone of the Pyramid his right eye is framed in centre of capstone

Sacred G-Eye-ometry

Mathematics of the Pyramid

Eye-Skew TMD 2

Vents and Askew TMD

Here is an older Askew feature with an excellent thesis by the artists about the Eye of Ra.

Askew and various artists

Here is another feature with Askew and various examples of Eyes in Graffiti

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gay Pride Tr-Eye-angle

Gay Rights symbol made of the The Rainbow flag, sometimes Pride flag or Gay Pride flag.

It is in no way to be viewed as a negative statement on the Gay Community, Anti-Semitic or sympathetic to the Nazi Regime, it is strictly an look at the imagery employed by the Gay Community, and its historical roots.

Black Triangle, lesbian symbol of pride. Triangle in a Femanine Attribute
Created by Fibonacci. The black triangle is a lesbian or feminist symbol of pride and solidarity. The symbol originates from Nazi concentration camps, where every prisoner had to wear one of the Nazi concentration camp badges on their jacket, the colour of which categorised them according "their kind". Individuals deemed "asocial" had to wear the black triangle. In the Nazis' meticulous records there is no word of the black triangle having been imposed on lesbians, or of lesbians as a group being confined to concentration camps. Whatever the reason, lesbians have over time claimed the black triangle as a symbol of defiance against repression and discrimination, and it is considered a counterpart to the Gay Pink Triangle.

The pink triangle, now turned upright as a gay pride and gay rights symbol, was originally used pointed downward on a Nazi concentration camp badge to denote homosexual men.

Pink Triangle in a Male Attribute
This is not the "gay" triangle used in Nazi concentration camps for homosexuals.

Nazi Concentration symbols denoting Prisoner status. Although the use of the "Yellow Star of David" to denote Jewish People is most well known, Romani People, Polish People, Slav people, Communists, Political Adversaries, Jehovas Witnesses and many different adversaries to the German Nazi Regime had their own Triangle Symbol, so they could be differentiated in the Prison system. Presumably it was also used to dissuade unity within the Prisoner population.

Mil-Eye-tary Medals Part 1

(U.S.?) Atlantic Warzone Active Duty Medal
Eagle/Horus Eye within an illuminated Pyramid?

This is the 1st in a series of brief look at Esoteric imagery and references in Military Badges. It is in no way to be viewed as a negative statement on Military personnel, it is strictly an unbiased look at the imagery employed by Military Units around the world.

Maltese Cross References

Various World War 2 Cross badges. The Maltese/Crusader/Iron Cross is symbol that pre-dates Christianity, and has been used by many Religious and Political factions. Some say it also represents a Pyramid viewed from above.

British Military Badges. On right is the East Lancashire Regimental Egyptian Campaign Badge featuring a Europeanized image of the Sphinx

European Sphinx found in Vienna Austria

Various examples of (1st World War?) British Military Badges

Various examples of (1st World War?) British Military Badges

Winged Solar Disk References

U.S. Military Patch
Winged Solar Wheel Disk of Horus?

Corps Badge
Pyramid within/capped by Winged Solar Disk

Cherub headed Sun reference, Solar Disk Reference found on London Building

Air Forces Service medal Solar Disk

U.S. (Navy?) aircrew, again Winged Solar Disk

(U.S.?) Medical Corps Badge
Winged Cross acting as a Solar Disk Capped and Grounded by 5 Pointed Stars, circled by a Wreath of Oak. The twin snakes and staff of the Caduceus also feature on this badge.

US Army Medical Corps Branch Plaque
The staff of the Caduceus was incorporated as the symbol of the US Army Medical Corps at the turn of the 20th Century

US Army Major Branch Schools - Officer (Medical Corps)

Depiction of the Sumerian serpent god Ningizzida dating from before 2000 BCE. The god itself is the two (copulating) snakes entwined around an axial rod. It is accompanied by two gryphons. Alternate spellings are Ningiszida, Ningishzida and Nin Giz Zida.

Some say this is an Ancient representation of the twin strands of DNA or 7 Chakras, or Kundalini Energy.

DNA Helix

First Aid/Medical Badge common in the U.S. and Canada. The Staff of Moses and Snake also represent the Biblical storyof when Moses battled the Pharoah of Egypt's top Magician and turned his Staff into a Snake. Presumably, Medicine was equated with Magic in the past.

The logo is prominent on most U.S. Ambulabnces and Medical facilities

Modern reference in an advertisement for the popular American Television series House, about a Doctor.

TheWinged Flying Serpent, insignia of the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade (Israli Defence Force)


Unknown U.S. Military Patch
Sword & Fasci. In the background there features a Fasci a bundle of small sticks, this symbol represents the concept - "out many we are one". It was a Roman Empire symbol and the Italian Fascist Party used it as their premiere logo. The word
Fascist derives from Fasci. The U.S. use of it presumably represents the unity of the many, it also features on either side of the House Speaker in the U.S. House Of Representatives.

Roman Fasci

Flag of Italian Fascist Party

House of Representative Fasci on either side of Speakers chair

House of Representative Crest

Kosovo Campaign Medal
Sun rising above (Caucus?) Mountains. Wreath Wrapped in a Fasci. Often Pyramids are represented by Mountains

U.S. Military Patch
Mountain/Valcano/Pyramid with Earth capstone?

Las V-Eye-gas

Truely Illuminated Capstone of the Black Pyramid found on the net

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Doe Eye-d Design

St. Vincent Concert Poster by Doe Eyed Design available to buy here at www.postersandtoys.net


Australian MTV Awards Advert using the Eye of Ra in a sarcastic way to gain attention not unlike the recent "I am one of the 63336" campaign


Southern Pac-Eye-fic

Old Southern Pacific Railroad Lines logo from the 30's? Perspective tracks create a Pyramid and capped by the sun?