Friday, 30 October 2009

Little Boots Vid-Eye- O

Singer Little Boots

Right Hand Eye in Pyramid

Little Boots Basic Logo

Circle and Triangle
"The triangle represent the union of body, mind, and spirit, the circle stands for the Divine. In ceremonial magick the spirit summoned by the magician is contained within this symbol so that it cannot escape. Thus this symbol is one of protection and power that long preceded it's use by Alcoholic's Anonymous. For AA it stands for the integration of personality."

The Vedic Circle of 9 found here

For Christians combines the symbol for eternity with the symbol for the Trinity. found here

Celtic Interlocking Circle & Triangle

Found here

Trapped in the Triangle - Left eye dulled

Stills from Little Boots - EARTHQUAKE official video dir. by David Wilson

Ring of Fire in the Sky

Milky Way?

Milky Vision

Emerging from the Right Eye

Floor Pyramid/Triangle Magical working?

Sky Eye

Levitation from within the Triangle after she stares at the Moon

Levitating in a cross shape

Sacred Geometry in Action

Last shot of video

Female aspect Pyramid

little boots EARTHQUAKE official video dir. by David Wilson

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