Monday, 5 October 2009


"EYE OF GOD This is the 5th golden symbol that was channeled by Franky for the sole purpose of elevating the healing energies of Tera Mai. Draw the symbol visualizing the color gold. Say "EYE OF GOD" 3 times each time one of the lines is drawn. Draw the upper curve counter-clockwise from right to left and then draw the lower curve counter-clockwise from left to right. Draw the triangle counter-clockwise to open the energy channel.

Give the symbol to God and His Angels. Ask, "Please place this symbol into my heart and down through my lower chakras." Then ask, "Please bring this symbol into my crown, third eye, throat and heart." Ask, "God, please help me to see as you see. Bring my heart, head and higher self into alignment."

Properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by all of Buddha's Tera Mai standards may also use the contractions and breathing. The color sequence white, silver and gold works well. Calling upon Higher Energies and giving the symbols to God, angels, etc. and then asking that they be brought to wherever or whomever you wish to send them is always a good idea."

From a Reiki TERA MAI SYMBOLS healing site

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