Saturday, 5 June 2010

The 1st Amer-Eye-can Flag

The 1st American Flag?
"[Apparently] this was the very first American flag. The original Stars and Stripes in the form of a comet and accompanying set of seven stars! It contains all of the relevant symbols associated with Nibiru, the Dark Star. There is the massive comet containing the Eye (of The Watchers, or Nephilim?) and the seven accompanying stars, or moons." - from here


  1. Sure would like a date on that flag.

  2. I found this online. It's an awesome design. Trying to confirm the claim that it was, indeed, the first U.S. flag.

  3. Mr. Provost would be interested to hear what you find! Thanks to you both for the comments.
    Might have some info in here?
    All the best