Monday, 20 June 2011

All Seeing Eye 80's Style

All Seeing Eye 80's Style from here

Pyramid Eye-nergy

The Pyramid Effect Producing Enough Electricity to Run a 12W Fan
More info & Video here

T-Eye-me Pyramid

6" Time Pyramid Clock

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Video Part 3

"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Part 3

"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Video Part 2

"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Video Part 1


Fifa president Sepp Blatter has been voted in for a fourth term in office almost unanimously.
Sepp Blatter has been president of Fifa since 1998 and will now continue until 2015

A bit of a stretch perhaps, but the incessant "Pyramid" remarks by Sepp Blatter as an analogy for the allegedly Corrupt and Teflon coated Machine that is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

"I am the captain weathering the storm, not only is the pyramid shaking, but I would say our ship has drawn some water."

"Because our pyramid, our famous FIFA pyramid, is unsure of its base and there is a danger."

"I'm happy with this - it reinforces Fifa's pyramid, it will no longer be shaking."

"Our pyramid is intact, the base, the foundation is strong and together we have four years to continue on our path and do our job."

Little bit of Sun shine and the two sides of the globe, an even bigger stretch, is it a nod to the Spheres of the Medici Lions?

The new revised 2014 FIFA Brazil Logo - Parrot or Eagle/Horus?

2008 Version

The map broken into the six "confederations", some people might suggest that it could reflect the so called New World Order.


German Metal Band
Gammaray like a many modern Heavy Metal bands features a lot of Egyptian and Esoteric referances in their Album artwork
Above - Stargate, Lotus Flower "Pillars", Egyptian Gods Horus (left) and Anubis (right)

No World Order
Chaos and Order, following on with their trademark Ying-Yang references, Pyramids, Eye of Ra, UFOs, The Earth in the apparent grip of a "Reptilian" type claw

Horus and Anubis Pillars