Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sun Ra - "Space Eye-s the Place"

Sun Ra Jazz Pioneer
"Eclectic, outrageous, sometimes mystifying but always imbued with a powerful jazz consciousness, the music of Sun Ra has withstood its skeptics and detractors for nearly three generations. And well it should, since Sun Ra has been both apart of and ahead of the jazz tradition during that time."*

Egyptian Pharoenic Head Dress featuring Winged Sun Disc inset with Pyramid, flanked by two Cobras

Ra, The Sun God often pronounced as Rah but correct pronunciation is RĂ© (Ree)

Thoth (Djehuty, Tahuti, Tehuti) Egyptian/Kemetic god of wisdom and learning.
The Book of Thoth Website

Sun Ra - Space Is The Place
Space Is The Place Jim Newman's 30 minute film created in 1970, is full of Esoteric & Egyptian/Kemetic conscious imagery. More info on the official film Website

"Ya'll instruments, every one's supposed to be playin' their part, in this vast Orchestra of the Cosmos" Sun-Ra
"All this from someone who refuses to even cite the earth as his home planet and prefers to have arrived from Saturn. As Sun Ra once explained it, "I never wanted to be a part of planet Earth, but I am compelled to be here, so anything I do for this planet is because the Master-Creator of the Universe is making me do it. I am of another dimension. I am on this planet because people need me".
Equally as mystifying is the fact that Sun Ra has no legal birth certificate. The Library of Congress claims that he arrived in Alabama, U.S.A., and his passport states that his legal name is Le Sony'r Ra, thus making all other names such as Sonny Lee, Sunni Bhlount, Armand Ra, and H. Sonne Bhlount merely pseudonyms."*

Sun Ra's website

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