Monday, 1 March 2010


Hat with Oakley "O" at "Third Eye" Chakra position
Oakley is a Eyewear and Apparel company

"O" at centre of Hexagon


Brand loyalty

"Elite Range - Special Forces Standerd Issue"
Oakley a "Leisure company" has branched off into the lucrative Military Apparel market, making Military issue Boots and Eyewear. Of particular interest is the MP3 player sunglasses?... More info here

"Oakley Government Sales has been selling to the US Military and US Government for over 20 years. Over time Oakley's military line has transformed from a few models to a highly specialized division within Oakley. These products are designed exclusively for government customers, and are not available in retail stores." - from here

"Elite O" logo

Amazing "Medusa Head gear"

Oakley Headquarters
"O" at the Apex of the Arch entrance

Winged "O" - Reminiscent of the Winged Solar Disc of Ra

A, O, C? Similar to a Cats eye?

O in triangle?

Snow Board Air Measure

More info here

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