Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Clockwork Orang-Eye

Iconic Book Cover

Clockwork Orange a controversial book by Anthony Burgess and even more controversial Movie by Stanley Kubrick, about the Chaos of Young people, and an Oppressive state, set in the future.

Original Film Poster - Note Floating Eye within the Pyramid

"After receiving death threats to himself and his family as a result of the controversy, Film Maker Stanley Kubrick took the unusual step of removing the film from circulation in Britain. It was unavailable in the United Kingdom (except on Pirated videos) until its re-release in 2000, a year after Kubrick's death, although it could be seen in continental Europe. The Scala cinema in London's Kings Cross showed the film in the early 1990s, and at Kubrick's insistence, the cinema was sued and put out of business, thus depriving London of one of its very few independent cinemas. It is now the Scala club." - Wiki

New Version of the film Poster- Obelisk replaces the Knife

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