Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Day of The Jack-Eye-El

The Day of the Jackel- Movie Poster

The interesting imagery on the cover designs of Fictional Novels written by British Journalist, Political Commentator and award winning Author Frederick Forsyth. Spy/Intrigue novels are often written by people who have a close working relationship with Intelligence and Security Apparatuses, or indeed are ex-"Spooks" themselves. They often use their own or collugues past professional experiences as inspirations for their "Fictional" stories, according to Wikipedia Mr. Forsyth "decided to write a novel using similar research techniques to those used in journalism." More info on the blur of fact and fiction in his work are discussed here

The Veteran - Parachute Regiment Logo, this is also another version of the Babylonian/Egyptian Winged Solar Disc/Eye of Ra and is particularly popular with Airforces/Airlines the world over. Note Solar flares/shines behind the Winged "Parachute".

Day Of The Jackel - The "Double Cross" of Orthodox Christian Church and the solar cross. A plot to Assassinate War Time General of the French Army De Gualle. Based on a sinister true attempt on his life by a disgruntled Far-Right Army Officers based in North Africa, but "allegedly" backed by Intelligence and Terrorist groups from other nations.

Icon - featuring the Crest The Double-Headed Eagle of Lagos used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Vatican and the Byzantine Empire, but an image used for thousands of years. More info on its popularity in modern culture can be found here

Greek Orthodox Flag

Avenger - The age old Battle of the Eagle vs. the Snake

The Fist of God - The Nuclear symbol on Square we have discussed this image previously here
"A 1994 novel by Frederick Forsyth, mixing known fact with fiction to tell a story of the coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War racing against time to discover the true nature of Saddam Hussein's secret weapon, 'The Fist of God.'" - Wiki

Dogs of War - A Grenade in 5-Pointed star and protective circle more info can be seen here

The Forth Protocol

The Odessa File - The double Sig-Rune the Rune that represent "the Sun" was adopted by Henrich Himmler's SS Order. According to many Occult researchers, despite the fact that that the Barbaric Nazi party persecuted Freemasons and Occultists, (many who ended up in Death Camps), the SS was organized in the format of Freemasonic structure. The SS "Order of Deaths Head" was to be "Aryan" Freemasonry with out its Jewish roots. Another of Frederick Forsyth's successful books converted to the cinema screen. The Odessa Network was a real organization, headed by Otto Skorzeny, "Hitler's favorite commando." It was set up in the last year of the 2nd World War, to smuggle higher echelon SS officers, Scientists and Gold out of Germany to Spain, Portugal, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. More info can be found in John Loftus books here

The Negotiator

The Devil's Alternative

The Cobra - The Double Snake of Caduceus, thought to represent Duality, Medicine and possible the double Helix of DNA we have previously discussed this subject here. Other examples of the duality can be found here

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